Essay On The Causes And Effects Of Deforestation

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Deforestation is clearing the area of trees by people and the fixed destruction of forests in sequence to make use the available lands for other activities. The greatest deforestation is occurring in the tropics, where a spacious kind of forests extant. In the practice of clear-cutting, all the trees are cleared from the land, which completely destroyed the forest. The causes are economic social, agriculture and logging. However, deforestation has negative impacts on the environment such as pollution, climate change, and land degradation. The world's rainforests could completely disappear in a hundred years at the current rate of deforestation. So, this essay will examine the principal causes and effects of deforestation. One of the biggest causes of deforestation is logging in terms of selective logging and forest fires. The practice of selective logging is often connected to harvesting, processing, and trade in timber products especially precious types of a tropical tree which produces mahogany used for quality furniture. Many trees in the forest are also cleared and the trees either burned or left to decay due to forest fires. For instance, McLeish (2007) stated that more than 6 million hectares of…show more content…
This is because, in some poor countries, they use 80 percent of wood for fuel-wood as a source of energy which is the only option to make fuel (McLeish, 2007). For example, there are fuel businesses around urban areas which wood is the main fuel used in town that usually was converted into charcoal. Cutting trees for economic development additionally threatened the integrity of forest such as poor and developing countries took short-term measures for paying back their debt to banks in richer countries by exploiting their forests for timber. So, poverty creates a state in which people are forced to take desperate plans in order to survive even they are morally

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