Mexican War Causes

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What were the causes of the US-Mexican War?
In 1846, a great war broke out between America and Mexico that did not stop until the latter was defeated in the war. The United States won the 2.3 million square kilometers of land through the war and became a so big country across the Atlantic and the Pacific that gained its dominance in America. The Mexican lost more than half of the land and cost dearly.
There were probably several causes for this war. Perhaps the main reason was the unresolved boundary problems between Mexico and the Texas Republic. Texas once was a part of the Mexico, where established the Texas Republic after Texas declared unilaterally independence. However, along with the establishment of the new nation, conflicts were brought
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As we all know, after hard struggle for 11 years, Mexican won the independence ultimately in 1821. However, the new country had not recovered from the destruction of the war. Its industrial and agricultural development lagged behind the United States. To some extent, its slow economic development could not support enough money for the war. What’s worse, after the independence, different political parties fought each other which caused coup and rebellion happen frequently. Under the rule of them, Mexican were deprived of all political rights and lived in an abyss of misery that was full of financial burden. To reverse the trend was not a light task. Objectively, the political situation in Mexico was long-term turbulent that was provided the convenience and opportunities for the aggression of the…show more content…
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