Essay On The Causes Of The War Of 1812

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There were many causes for the United States expanding their power and territory in the Western Hemisphere. The substantial reasons for this were the causes and effects of different wars by the military, the economy, and the diplomatic initiatives. Numerous wars were fought for these reasons, but the most significant wars were the War of 1812 that was military, the Mexican war that was mainly economic, and finally the Civil War that had countless diplomatic initiatives. These are tremendous reasons for the United States growth in power and territory during Independence (1776) and the Civil War (1861-1865). The War of 1812 was between the United Kingdom and the United States and was a military focused war. There were multiple causes for this …show more content…

The United States negotiated more than 200 treaties with Indian nations, trying to get them to move West and off their land that America wanted to expand to. The Indians were offended at being asked to leave their sacred land where all their ancestors were buried. Many of the Indians reacted violently, causing America to come in with the military and remove the Indians during the Trail of Tears in 1831-1850. A third cause was that there was an agricultural depression. Many of the Westerners wanted the war to help them out of this depression. There were too many American cultural restrictions causing them not to make a profit. The final cause of the War of 1812 was the War Hawks (Calhoun and Clay) wanted to expand to Canada and were anti-British. They called for a military war against Great Britain because “they saw no other way to defend national honor and force repeal of the Orders in Council”. These causes led to the War of 1812 that the United States signed a treaty with Great Britain, giving good effects on the United States and everyone around them. One of these effects being the Treaty of Ghent in 1815 (the treaty that ended the war. Great Britain agreed to relinquish …show more content…

The first cause was that Mexico was newly independent from Spain and was very weak, they had many economic hardships. Another cause was U.S. nationalists and expansionists. Americans wanted more territory and given there high spirits, they wanted to take initiative and make the move to expand. Another cause is the Texas border dispute, where the United States annexed Texas in 1845. The war was also caused by the failure of the Slidell mission “President Polk dispatched John Slidell, a Louisiana lawyer, to Mexico City in the fall of 1845. Slidell was born in New York city in 1793 and had moved to New Orleans in 1819. There he had practiced law, served as a federal district attorney and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1843 to 1845” The final cause that is worth noting about the Mexican War was the American troops sent to disputed territory (Rio Grande VS the Nueces River). “This slice of land between the Río Grande and the Nueces River is called the Trans-Nueces”. These causes started the Mexican war. The United States won the war and they got Texas, New Mexico, and California. An effect of this war was the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848) Mexican Cession. This was the official end to the war, this gave American all the territory that was stated before. The United States also became a larger continental power, having more territory and better attitudes from the

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