Essay On The Chicacana Feminism Movement

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The Chicana feminism movement is an important powerful movement that has started long time ago and is still on going. There have been several Chicana writers that has helped this movement with their uplifting encouraging stories about women empowerment. On of those writers that I feel have helped in the Chicana Feminism movement is Sandra Cisneros, with her short stories book, “Women Hollering Creek.” This book is filled with some stories of women empowerment like the short story titled “Women Hollering Creek,”
Women Hollering Creek is short stories about a woman name Cleofilas who is in an abusive relationship and is afraid to leave him because of the way she was brought up she felt that she needed a man to be able to survive in this world, that without a man she would die. Eventually she manages to summon the courage to leave him with the help of a mutual friend name Felica who drives her to San Antonio to get the bus back home. It isn’t until they meet that she sees that she doesn’t need a man to survive, seeing Felica is what reassured her that she will be fine without a man. Seeing Felica who is single who can drive and has her own car that she got
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The story describes the two-girl’s day to day lives as best friends. In the story it also expressed the narrator's wishes to have sisters and explores how her relationship with Lucy is the closest she has to having a sister. The story is about unity how women should help one another and to form a bond with each other as a way to give strength to one another. The whole purpose of this theme is to reassure women who are alone or leave an abusive relationship are not alone they are each other to stand with, a way to empower their sisterhood. To help each other during their challenging
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