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The Greek tragedy “Antigone” written by Sophocles, like any other tragedy deals with the downfall of certain characters and events. As the title suggests, the play revolves around Antigone, and her actions towards her society. Like other Greek dramas, the play consists of a prologue, the episodes and most importantly the Chorus. As we read more of the play and the plot begins to unwind itself, does the role of the chorus make any sense to us? Since the Chorus are there throughout the play, it makes the reader curious to know the role of the Chorus, how it is important to the development of the play as well as the Greek theatre. In this essay I will be exploring the role of the chorus, what purpose they serve in certain events and how they help to foreshadow the plot.
The Chorus in Antigone is made up of old Theban men, mainly because the young people died in the battles. They also represent in some ways the embedded patriarchal (male dominated) society that Antigone defies. They also lay the foundation for the occurrence of the incidents unfolding in the play, by outlining the background to the present actions. The Chorus at times seems to directly affect the action in the play. They assume different roles at different times. This is necessary for the progress of the tragic action of the play. In Greek tragedy, it was considered
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The Chorus connects the play to other myths and Sophocles uses the Chorus to expound upon the plays central themes such as morality, women, power, fate and free will etc. One such incidence we see in the play is towards the beginning when the Chorus describes the situation at Thebes and talks about the fate that killed the brothers. “And the common fate that slew them” This is seen when the Chorus says “Daughter of (Edipus ! Hapless child, of a hapless father! ” Here they bring out the character of Antigone by comparing her to her father by calling her passionate and wild and her actions to be a reflection to that of her

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