Essay On The Civil Rights Movement

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The civil rights movement of the last 60 years has been pinnacle in creating the society we know today. Its role was simple. To address the disparities and challenges faced by the African American community. This was no easy feat and the leaders of the movement were met with opposition at every step along the way. This opposition came from not just within the communities they lived in, but from police, law makers and even the religious leaders. Thankfully, however the leaders and activists of the civil rights movement was not deterred and through their diligence and sacrifices came very significant victories for all people of color to that point. One of the most important victories came on May 17th, 1954 when the Supreme Court unanimously…show more content…
The boycott was the first large-scale demonstration against segregation in the U.S. that started four days after the arrest of Rosa Parks and lasted until U.S. Supreme Court ultimately ordered Montgomery to integrate its bus system. This victory also helped to propel Martin Luther King Jr to the forefront of the movement. The third significant victory came with the Voter’s Right Act. Signed into law on August 6th, 1965, this act sought to ban the tactics used by Southern voter registration boards. These discriminatory practices included used poll taxes, literacy tests, and other barriers to deny African Americans their legal rights. African American voters also faced harassment, intimidation, and physical violence when they tried to register or vote. Since its inception, the Voter’s Rights Act has been extended several times to widen the scope of minorities protected under it. The civil rights movement work was initially to address the inequalities faced by the African American community. However, as the years have passed and the challenges of people have changed, so have the work of the movement. They are now addressing the issues faced by women, the gay, and disabled communities in an effort to make life better for all
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