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History is divided into eras that are usually marked by a significant event to distinct between styles and trends in daily life. Likewise, the western culture is divided into periods that reflect a style of living. Although anything outdated is now referred to be “classical”, in 1750, the death of Johann Sebastian Bach marks the end of the extravagant Baroque Period. However, placed in between the Baroque and Romantic period, from 1750 to 1820 signifies the Classical period. During that time, many changes are made to the music to make it a distinct style of its time. The changes in music form, in the orchestra and in music style can be reflected in compositions of the time. To begin with, the development in music form makes compositions from this era distinct from others. For example, the string quartet flourishes in the Classical time period. It is comprised of four parts designed for two violins, a viola and a cello, becoming popular under the works of Joseph Haydn. However, other composers like Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Schubert also wrote pieces for the string quartet. As a matter of fact, Haydn’s String Quartets, Op. 20, uses all elements of the string quartet as well as sonata form that…show more content…
Some include, music form, the orchestra, and music style. These changes can often be reciprocated in the compositions of the Classical era. Not only so, a style of living can be reflected in the music of the time. In the late eighteenth century, the classical ideals of proportion, symmetry, and balance are reflected in the development of music forms. For example, the sonata-allegro form reflects symmetry and balance through its repetitive theme. Not everything that is outdated should be considered “classical”. Even though the Classical Period is well over a century past, its music still remain timeless to this today and continues to influence composers of our modern

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