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1. Clock-watches: Clock-watches are first to be worn as timepieces in the 16th century and which were made in the German cities namely Nuremberg and Augsburg, these were in transitional in size which were said to be between clocks and watches. These were worn around the neck on a chain or fastened to clothing. Clock-watches had only an hour hand. And its face was covered with brass cover which was designed with grillwork so that time could be seen without opening it up. And its face was not designed with glass. The shape of clock-watches later changed into rounder form and for that reason they were called as “Nuremberg eggs”. 2. Pocket watches: During seventeenth…show more content…
Mass production: Georges- Auguste Leschot at Vacheron Constantin pioneered the clock making by introducing various machine tools. In 1830 he developed an anchor escapement which later his student Antoine Lechaud started to produce.. The invention of pantograph was also done by him which had the degree of standardization and interchangeability of parts with watches of same calibre. The British were having predominated share of watch manufacturing for much of 17th and 18th centuries. Aaron Lufkin Dennison started a factory in Massachusetts in 1851 that used interchangeable parts, and this was incorporated as Waltham Watch Company. In Connecticut’s Naugatuck Valley, The American clock industry was producing millions of clocks that earned a nickname called “Switzerland of America”. The Waterbury Clock Company was the major player at that time in domestic as well as exporting business. 7. Wristwatches: The concept of very earliest watch goes back to the 16th century, in 1571 Robert Dudley gave a watch to Elizabeth 1 of England. And some argue that first wristwatch was by Abraham- Louis Brequet for queen of Naples Caroline Murat. Wristwatches were worn by women in the beginning and later in 20th century men’s wristwatches became famous. In the mid nineteenth century most of the watch manufacturer developed a range of different wristwatches often for women as

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