Essay On The Cold War Containment

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Modern History Draft Containment During the Cold War there were many different and defining factors that affected the run of the course of this war. Something that affected the Cold War to a large extent was the American policy of containment which was designed to stop communism and their methods to do so. As America was a country that would normally stay within their own boundaries when responding to troubles. The Cold War, in particular, was a different war for America as they felt that they needed to get involved in this worldwide event. The Containment Policy was created by George Kennan in 1947 and was the United States’ main method of fighting against the Soviet Union during the Cold War ( Because the Americans were very against the idea of communism, the containment policy was needed to help stop the spread of communism growing into other countries. The United States wanted more allies, and so provided resources to multiple countries to stop them from falling to communism gained their trust. The containment policy largely contributed to the Cold War because it formed the Marshall Plan, which helped to shape the NATO and the Truman Doctrine made the war more stressful.…show more content…
To conclude, the Cold War was a big part of the world’s history, lasting around 45 years and impacting on the modern world we live in today. The reason that the containment policy was so effective to the Cold War was because there were many people who disagreed with the idea, as many countries had become communist from the pressures of the Soviet Union. Not only did the Cold War change life for America, but the United States’ policy of containment changed the Cold
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