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The Color Code The color code is a system that assigns people a category based on their personality traits. The color code is important for many reasons in everyday life, but the key is, you must know your color in order to benefit from it. There are four main colors in the color code, red, blue, yellow, and white. Each color has unique motivations as well as strengths and weaknesses. Every person has a stronger color out of the four, and that color is the one you have the most traits in common with. When a person knows what their color is, they can draw information about themselves out of it. As mentioned above, the color code consists of four colors; red, blue, yellow, and white. A person with a red personality is motivated by power. They are naturally great leaders and they get things done, however, they are not great at relating to other people and they can sometimes be bossy. Blues enjoy relationships as well as intimacy. They are very honest and loyal people, but they can sometimes be irrational and judgmental. Yellow people are the fun ones, they love having fun and…show more content…
I am able to effectively talk to others with an open mind and without saying anything that could be offensive to the other person. I am a red, and there are some traits that are not exceptionally great in the category of reds. However, the color code is not a definition of you, you can change it. The color code made me aware of the way I may act. This awareness has enabled me to change some of the bad traits of red and socialize with other people in a better way. I changed some of the traits I did not like and I have become a better person to work with. I can predict other people's colors and know how to work and talk with them in a way that will effectively get things done. With the help of the color code, I am able to work with others in an effective
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