Essay On The Color Green In The Great Gatsby

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If you are a Boston Sports Fan you will notice the colors green in the Garden, red at Fenway Park, and blue at Gillette Stadium. The colors unify the fans and let feel like a part of the team. The colors used in The Great Gatsby reveal the emotions and feelings the characters experience during the Roaring Twenties. In “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby tries to win back his lover Daisy with his new wealth and fortune. Nick Carraway tells a colorful story of his neighbor Jay Gatsby who strives for the American Dream to bring him happiness but eventually is destroyed by this dream. By splashing colors to depict characters and settings color symbolism plays an important role in enhancing the theme throughout the novel. The gold…show more content…
The color green can be used to show envy. Gatsby can be seen as a jealous character. He used to date Daisy, but now she is married to another man. He tries really hard to win back Daisy but he cannot. “I glanced seaward- and distinguished nothing except a single green light.” (Fitzgerald 21) The green light shines across the bay and signals this is the mansion where Daisy lives with her well to do husband. Gatsby feels envy because he wants to possess Daisy and she is Tom’s possession as he points out throughout the novel (Huber). The color grey describes how the Valley of the Ashes is a place where Tom, Daisy, Nick, and Jordan look down upon. According to Herbert Huber’s article “grey is often used for neutral, dull, not important.” (Huber) Jordan drives by casually and George and Myrtle hope to get out of there. “A few grey cars stop there and a few men walk around and make a cloud of dust that make it impossible for you to see what is happening.”(Fitzgerald 23) The Valley of the Ashes is situated between East and West Egg. This grey wasteland is bleak and the characters want to leave it behind on their quest for the American
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