Essay On The Columbian Exchange

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In 1492, Columbus sailed for a long time and discovered what he thought was the East Indians. Hence, he insisted that the people who lived there were Indians, and considered the peaceful continent as New World. During that time, there was an unbelievable event called The Columbian Exchange that connected the Europeans and Native Americans, and this is a great exchange that includes the exchange of commodities, people, diseases and ideas around the Atlantic World especially horses, African Americans, liberty and syphilis had a lasting influence on both the Old World and the New World. When the Europeans came to the Americas, they brought commodities to exchange, including horses, and the horses transformed the Indians’ lives. The horses disappeared for a long time in the Americas after the Ice Age until the Europeans came and brought horses to the New World. According to The Economics of Horses and Buffalo, the Native Americans are able to hunt for buffalos more efficiently because of the horses.…show more content…
This kind of disease was brought from the New World to the Old World, and Christopher Columbus and his crew acquired it from the natives of Hispaniola by sexual contact. According to a part of a letter from a friend of Columbus' named Michele da Cuneo, Columbus gave da Cuneo a native girl as a sex slave and da Cuneo raped her, beating her with a rope until she submitted to his wishes. In fact, Columbus and his crew raped several local women and even sold them as sex slave. As a result, they had got syphilis and brought it to Europe and thousands of people suffered and even died because of the disease. According to Columbus May Have Brought Syphilis to Europe that was written by Charles Q. Choi “Syphilis was a major killer in Europe during the Renaissance. In his Serpentine Malady (Seville, 1539) Ruy Diaz de Isla estimated that over a million people were infected in
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