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This report is an analysis of the concern for equality. All human are the creation of one Creator, thus they must possess equal rights. Equality is a concept that explains the freedom to rights and an anti-discriminatory social system where all are treated fairly having an equal opportunity to enjoy equal rights regardless of the difference of gender, color, language or social status. Law of equality is a non-discriminatory practice where rights of human beings are protected and in case of violation, one must be provided with the fair and equal justice. This non-discriminatory practice then leads to conclude that all are equal before law. The social issues of the society such as the issue of women rights (discussed in detail) is the cause of…show more content…
How human rights shall be protected by law, as according to law equality is a right of every individual, this statement is a matter of concern as we see today; the equality is widely neglected. (Ewing, 2001) People are discriminated on the basis of sex, caste, creed, minorities etc. So while being independent and free, not everyone enjoys equality. All humans are born equal and without any discrimination of caste, creed or color but equality is still in question. Equal rights for all is a social agenda which clearly does not mean that law supports inequality rather it says that every human is created equal and the practices of discrimination that we are facing is because of the unfair treatment of one individual by another. Law itself is against the inequality in every field of life, in fact all humans are equal before law. But how certain practices of discrimination among the societies and people are violating the law equality is the major concern of this report. First equality and its concepts are explained and second the law of equality. Furthermore, social issue and a group of people as reference to equality concept are also explained in this

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