Essay On The Confederate Flag

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Different groups of people are misrepresented by the media daily. People from the southern states of The United States are displayed as hillbillies that only care about gun control, hunting and the confederate flag. This image of southerners has been molded by the news, movies and TV shows. Southerners are people that live in the southern part of The United States. Whenever discussing southerners it is typically only the eastern states. The south is not made up of farmers, hunters and flyers of the confederate flag. The south is a group of states that are typically simpler than the northern states. Southerners are portrayed as dumb, dirty, fat, gun-loving Republicans. Movies, TV shows and news broadcastings have given people that live in southern states a bad rap. The Campaign is a comedy about two white men running for Congress; they’re running for the state of North Carolina. One of the men running for the Congressional seat is at first feminine, Marty Huggins. Marty is approached by sponsors for his…show more content…
Recently a hot topic in the news is the confederate flag and the controversy surrounding it. The news making a big deal out of the confederate flag being removed from South Carolina’s statehouse makes it seem like southerners are still living in the Revolutionary war. The confederate flag is simply a historical memento for many southern states. The anger that was raised in many southerners was not because they “hate black people,” but because the flag meant something to them and their history. The article, “Confederate Flag Removed from Statehouse Grounds” portrays the pride that many South Carolinians felt from the Confederate flag being flown. The Confederate flag being flown was not symbolic of hate for black American citizens. The flag is a symbol of heritage and history for many southern Americans because their ancestors fought in the Confederate
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