Essay On The Controversy Over Prenatal Genetic Screening

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The controversy over prenatal genetic screening has become a major issue among today’s society. Prenatal genetic screening occurs during the first and second trimester which allows physicians to diagnose the fetus by examining blood or other tissue to detect abnormalities (Sagerdo). Due to the scientific advancements in today’s society, the idea of genetic screening has been taken to the next level in forming the idea of a “super baby”. In the United States alone, between sixty-five to seventy percent of women have serum screening in order to evaluate the status of the developing fetus (Sagerdo). Often, when a disease is detected due to a genetic test many parents opt to have an abortion. As in any type of controversy, one of two sides are taken and one view point is usually more accepted than the other. In genetic screening, many believe that the negative effects outweigh the positives. Although prenatal genetic screening does offer some benefits, many ethical issues arise which are increased abortion rates, the idea of a “super baby” and religious values…show more content…
In most situations, prenatal testing will assure the parents that their baby is developing normally. Although if a disease is detected while a woman is still pregnant, this allows for procedures to be prepared ahead of time. Also it allows for the parents of the baby to prepare themselves emotionally and to properly arrange the home environment to accommodate for a child with special needs. Prenatal genetic screening can not determine for sure if a condition will be present but can show if the fetus is at a high or low risk. The goal for people who are for genetic screening is to no longer see genetic disorders exist within children. These benefits may be accurate but the negatives out weigh the positives when it comes to the issue over prenatal genetic
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