Essay On The Cost Of Vaccination

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According to CDC, or Center of Disease Control, vaccines have reduced and, in some cases, eliminated many diseases that killed or severely disabled people just a few generations ago. Being vaccinated is very important and very effective. Children should have to be vaccinated, especially when it could cause such a huge impact on others if they do not. The cost of the vaccines are just a small price to pay for the prevention of future illnesses and diseases. It should be a moral and legal obligation to vaccinate all children. There is a lot of discussion on the vaccinations of children. Some people believe that the vaccines are useless, because they do not work. Scientists have been working hard to prove that the vaccines are useful and are …show more content…

These costs cover the price of the vaccination and the health care professional who administered the vaccinations. All of the costs could be cut by over half if a person had health insurance (Flasche). The prices of vaccinations are soaring, but the costs of the treatments are even more expensive. It costs about two times as more for the medications than it does to receive the vaccinations. Since receiving the vaccinations lowers the risk of developing a disease, then there is a less likely chance that those expensive medications will be needed. Thus it will be less costly if primary preventions and precautions are taken. Prices will also be lower and less costly if there is proper insurance involved and obtained by the one getting the vaccinations. Finally, the choice of vaccinating affects everyone. If everyone is vaccinated, then everyone has about the same chance of preventing the diseases that they were vaccinated for. Due to the unvaccinated group of the population, a lot of babies contract diseases that they are too young to be vaccinated for. Not only are the babies too young to be vaccinated, their immune systems are not

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