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The Crucible The Crucible was originally made as a old english play, over the years it has been changed many ways. It has been performed many times, it has been made into a movie, and lots more. Every time it gets remade it 's never the same as the original. The script, characters, places, objects, and everything else that you can think of has been changed through the years that The Crucible has been out. The small changes can have huge impacts on how the story is told. If a character has a different facial expression then the audience is going to get a completely different feel towards the story. If a character says there line differently then a reaction would be different. The time era of the story being told can change how the play is told, if you take The Crucible and turned in from a mid-century…show more content…
The characters themselves changed from the story to the movie. They looked a lot different from what I expected, I was expecting a lot of them to be a lot older and some of them to be longer. Just the general appearance of the people could have been different. I thought that John Proctor was going to be a lot more cleaned up from what they made him look like in the movie. I thought that all of the Reverends were going to be in their 40’s - 50’s, but the movie makes them look old, like grandpa old. It kinda disappoints me when i 'm reading or book or a play then i go watch the movie and the characters are completely different. Then it just makes me think of the story differently. Many things can play a factor in changing a story by making it into a movie or a play, and The Crucible shows this exactly. Little factors can play a huge role in making a story feel different. I might complain sometimes that I don’t like it when a movie changes a book but most of the times it’s ok because it can make the story more fun, interesting and less boring. Or if you don’t understand the book or play then the movie might help in understanding what the story is telling the viewer
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