Essay On The Cuban Missile Crisis

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The Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the most horrific events for the United States of America during the cold war. During 1962 the soviet leader named Nikita S. Khrushchev ordered thermonuclear missiles to be installed on the island of Cuba. Khrushchev had received permission by Fidel Castro to install the missiles. On the day of October 16 1962 President John F. Kennedy was informed by American intelligence that there where nuclear missiles aimed at the United States, stationed in Cuba. The Cuban missile crisis had started on that day. During the start of the crisis President Kennedy gathered some of his advisors to plan how to take action without informing the public, or other military allies about the situation. After…show more content…
Kennedy, had sent a message to Khrushchev saying that The United States would not invade Cuba if the soviets agreed to not launch the missiles and remove them from Cuba. In just a few more days Khrushchev televised a message, Khrushchev said that he would accept Kennedy’s offer. Kennedy did not remove the naval blockade until the soviets removed the missiles, once the soviets did remove them, Kennedy removed the blockade. The crisis had ended, but we never understood the crisis until 2002. An international called “The Cuban Missile Crisis project” was started sometime in 1987. It was a U.S. – Russian – Cuban research project which had included some of the major figures of the crisis. The conferences continued, and research continued. At a point in their research it seemed that the main cause of the crisis were simply a lot of misconceptions involving Washington, Moscow, and Havana. On one side the Soviets believed that after the Bay of Pigs invasion, they would be under stack by the United States. On The other side, The United States ignored the signs of the possibility that the soviets may deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba, simply because the soviets have never stationed missiles that far outside of the Soviet Union. (Blight, James G. page 1) In addition the soviets were almost entirely sure that they could bring the missiles to Cuba without being
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