Essay On The Dangers Of Speeding

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Thousands of people die each year from auto accidents. Many deaths caused by speeding leave families devastated. “Speeding accidents about as popular as drinking and driving accidents” (Boyles). Speed limits is supposedly what keeps us safe while out on the road. Many people think that they do not need to follow the speed limit signs. An opinion would be that speed limits should stay the same speed or even go down. Teenagers seem to like the high speeds. Teenagers are the ones who are most likely to be the ones speeding in today’s society because they think it is “cool” to speed. In today's world, some vehicles can not travel at high speed rates. No matter how old there are people feel the urge to not obey the roadway laws, which therefore kills thousand of people each year. Many factors go into the dangers of speeding including vehicles not being able to handle the high speeds, driver's reaction time, …show more content…

The higher the speed limit, the more likely the crash will be severe. There happens to be proven research that shows that speed has little effect on how fast people drive.“ People are capable of finding a good speed without the following the speed limit signs” (Boyles). Sometimes the driver gets distracted and loses his or her focus on the road. Speeding and being distracted, even by the smallest things, can cause an accident or even life threatening injures. When a person takes their eyes off of the road, anything can happen in just one second. Speeding makes things worse because humans have less time to react when the vehicle is going a high speed rate. The most common distractions include radio, cell phones, and passengers. There is a system that is called the Smith System, which has five steps about being safe on the road. The longer it takes to stop the vehicle is longer than it takes to speed up the vehicle. Many deaths are caused by

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