Essay On The Darkest Moment In Life

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“The darkest hour is always just before dawn breaks,” as said by an old proverb. Everyone finds himself in the worst situations, thinking that these difficulties and challenges will never end. But in reality, circumstances will become better and each of us will overcome these hardships. More significantly, people discover the best things out of these worst experiences that make us stronger and teach us lessons that enable us to grow.
I spent years regretting my decision of turning down the guy I admired. He exhibits skills in Math and Science, helps fellow students when they do not understand a topic, and finds a way to make someone laugh. My admiration for him started when we became close friends and seatmates in third grade, one of the most memorable years of my life since several things changed ever since. For garnering honors in all the quarters, I received my first medal and became a consistent honor student since then. This is because
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Then, graduation came and although my grades were not as high as before, I finished senior year with honors. Viewing at it from a different perspective, I realized its significance since it made me who I am today. First, it made me realize of my capabilities after graduating high school with honors. It also made me more persistent and competent. If I backed out from the intensive class where we learned Physics and Math at college level, I would not have gotten As in those subjects in Ateneo and would not even be a Dean’s Lister last semester. More importantly, it was also during senior year when I found out who my real friends were. They never left me when I broke down because of my grades and told me to keep enduring and never cease praying. At first, I thought I would not graduate with honors because of my low grades in the intensive class, but in the end, I succeeded and I saw that it was a part of God’s plan to equip me for
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