Essay On The Declaration Of Independence Dbq

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Was the Declaration of Independence really accurate? Was it really true? In Source A, written by Thomas Jefferson, it shows a document stating that all men are equal. Source A, has four different parts to it. Source B is written by Abigail Adams and demonstrates how woman do not have enough rights as the males do. In Source C, written by a former slave, discusses how slaves didn’t have equal rights compared to others. Additionally Source D, is a video of John Adams that covers both Continental Congresses and why they occurred. Therefore, the Declaration of Independence is hypocritical because all men were not created equal. Abigail Adams provides great examples on how woman did not have the rights males had as shown through Sources B and D. In Source B Abigail sends a letter to John Adams, her husband, demonstrating how woman did not have enough rights. In Source B Abigail states, “…I desire you would Remember the Ladies, and be more generous and favorable to…show more content…
In Source C it states, “But we were unjustly dragged by the cruel hand of power from our dearest friends.” The slaves are saying that slavery separates them from their friends and more importantly, their families. This petition is trying to persuade others to put an end to slavery. The slaves are saying that slavery is unnecessary and needs to be stopped. Slavery also displays that the slave did not have the same amount of equality as others. Another quote that additionally proves the point of slaves not being equal is, “Our children are also taken from us by force and sent many miles from us…” This quote furthermore displays how slave’s children are taken away and sent far away. The children may never see their family again. These two quotes support my thesis statement because they show how slaves were not given the same rights as others, much like
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