Essay On The Destructor And The Lottery

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The setting of “The Lottery” and “The Destructor” differ by one deceiving and the other highlighting the writers’ true intentions. The setting of “The Lottery” is a beautiful summer day in June. The writer creates a since of happiness with the setting of the summer day, even the phrase summer day has good feelings correlated with it. The lottery itself takes place in the middle of the courtyard of a rural town. On the other side of the spectrum “The Destructors” takes place on a bank holiday in august. The main setting is a parking lot where a bomb hit. This setting gives the story a more dark feeling. The writer uses very dark works like bomb and rubble to describe the setting of the story. The credibility of the lottery seems barbaric. To use a Lottery system to kill people off seems inhuman. When we find out that they get stoned to death is the outcome it seems unrealistic and shocking. The setting sets a unreal expectation for what the ending of the story may be. The destructors seem quite silly but not as unrealistic. Even the setting the author put the boys in a “Boys will be boys” mentality. The only shocking part of the story was the extreme they took it too. Both stories created a false expectation for truly were going to happen. The Lottery’s…show more content…
This is the case just as candles and roses set the mood for a romantic night. In the lottery the writer uses beautiful flowers to continue with the feeling of peace and happiness. Even with the rick green grass and summer warmth. Given the feeling of complete bliss. This description of bliss and peace give such an unreal understanding of what is to really happen. The atmosphere for the destructors seems to be one of death. The setting being in a parking lot where a bomb hit does not give the reader a warm and fuzzy feeling. The feeling of depression runs ramped in this story. Even the envy of others things, the mood of this story is

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