Essay On The Detroit Riot

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When I first began this project I had lingering memories of the Detroit Riot. I had turned fourteen years old earlier that same month. In doing the research I learned that it wasn 't a race riot as I had been told, or as some still believe. Instead, it was about a group of people upset and discontented with how they were being treated, where they lived, and how they were being taken advantage of by local store owners. Basically, they were disrespected and felt like lepers. Almost everything I have read about this riot left me feeling sad and angry. I agree with Mr. Sauter, the author of "Nightmare in Detroit" when he said he felt that had the two undercover officers should have left when they saw so many people in the "Blind Pig." He believed…show more content…
Instead of checking out the situation or wounding him, he shot the man in the back and killed him. It 's despairing how President Johnson used Governor Romney as his scapegoat, especially when I learned that they had been wonderful friends for many years. Johnson was already under fire for the Vietnam situation and was afraid of more opposition from the people of the United States. He was concerned about the backlash he might get for sending troops out to possibly be killed. So, he went on television and seven times during his speech he said, "Romney is not able to manage things and maintain order in Detroit." I can only imagine how the Governor perceived that message. I do have several questions about this time in the history of Detroit. Why did General Simmons give orders for his men to shoot looters? Was he ever reprimanded for the loss of control he had over his men? Were any of his men charged for their crimes? The officers who killed the three teenage boys were never convicted. Why is that? I am very glad that I did this project on the 1967 Detroit Riots. It has helped me to get a better understanding of what really happened that week, and why. The research has definitely
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