What Role Does Technology Play In Music Essay

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We all have wondered how music changed, how it developed and what the purpose of it is over the time at some point. Music plays a huge role in our lives by helping us create certain emotions, enhancing our creativity, and having the knowledge of the development or history of music is important. The knowledge of the history of music is important in order to appreciate the efforts gone into it to make music better for us people. The trials faced by the people who improved music for us at least deserves a considerate read along with how technology plays a role in the development, and the purpose behind music. Technology plays an important role to the now developed music that we listen to everyday. One of the major reasons as to how and why music developed so much over the time is the technology. The century that we are currently living is full of developed technology and because of this, we brought in advances such as digital recordings, samplings, and many more that makes it easy to make plenty of songs and “The advancement of copyright allowed composers to earn money off the rights to their music.” Instead of percussion instruments like before, instruments like the guitar, bass, and piano were electrified and more enhanced to make music more energetic. The invention of…show more content…
Technology played such an important role into the now developed music and helped many musicians today to make music easier today than before in the past with different instruments. Other than knowing how it has changed, we now know the purpose of music and why it is there for us to listen because at times, it conveys an important message for all of us. As mentioned before, having the knowledge of the history of music is important for everyone to appreciate and notice the efforts gone into it to make music better for everyone to enjoy and how it affect our
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