Essay On The Devil's Thumb, By John Krakaer

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According to Britannica, Mount Everest is the tallest mountain that stands at 29,029 feet. Two authors by the name of John Krakaeur, and Erik Weihenmayer both share their personal experiences on how they surmounted their dreams. These men are unremitting, hardworking, and accepting. They both risked their lives in order to conquer what has never been done before. Although it seems illusory, their actions are mesmerizing. Both authors have their own perspectives from which they view and take actions. In “The Devil’s Thumb,” John Krakaeur’s perspective is very different from others. John recently quit his job as a carpenter in Colorado to pursue his dreams. To get to the Thumb, it was only reachable by jet or boat, “… a place only accessible by boat or plane.” Also, on p138 it explains to readers how Krakaeur's and McCandless’s lives are homogeneous. John explains to us how he is very much “related” to Chris by being self absorbed. John wanted three things: success,…show more content…
This made it very assiduous for himself and readers. Erik verbalizes, “I felt the first warmth of the sun about 4:00 a.m.” With this quote, Erik makes it astronomically precise for readers so that they can easily follow along. Also, by him going chronologically, this allowed him to engender, seize, and grab some sort of the readers attention. The tone of The Devil’s Thumb is appreciative at some points and pessimistic at others. What I mean by this is John changes his mood quite often and this is what creates the suspense. For example, John says he is thankful for the opportunity because he has a perfect chance to “write his wrongs in life” p126. However, he views the bad sides of things in parts of the text such as when there was a blizzard (p132), and he was very hesitant on whether to stay, leave, or give up. He regretted his actions many times, but it was his passion, motivation, and will that pushed him
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