Diary Of Anne Frank Book Report

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In this book report I will talk about the story “The diary of Anne Frank” the story is about a Jew girl called Anne who lived with her family in Germany in the second world war when a new German president called Adolf Hitler came with the idea that all Jew people were dangerous ; so her dad Otto Frank who worked in a bank came with the idea of moving to Amsterdam, Holland to be safer from the German army called the Nazis.

Anne was a little girl who lived with her family: Otto Frank her dad, Margot her sister and Edith her mom.
For her birthday in June 12 her father gave her a diary were she wrote everything that happened.
Days later bad news came, a new German president called Adolf Hitler came with the idea that all Jew people is dangerous
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So if you though there were no more bad news, well there are more bad news, the allies invasion is taking longer than expect and bombing planes started bombing Amsterdam, building were destroyed and many people died.
The Van Dans knew the close relation Anne had with Peter and they didn’t like it so they told Anne to stop going us to look for Peter.
When MR. Van Dan went to buy food in the black market he came with the new that the person that sell them potatoes was arrested bay the Nazis and taken to a concentration camp in Poland.
More news from the allies invasion came they arrived France and taken the coast of Germany, those were the first good news. The secret annex was running out of food and the allies are not arriving and bombs were still dropping in Amsterdam.
One day the Nazis founded the secret annex, a police car arrived at the entrance, they though someone told them about the annex , everything of value was taken and everyone was arrested and taken to concentration camps.

Only Otto survived everyone who was in annex died in the concentration camps, he
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