Essay On The Difference Between American Culture And Mexican Culture

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Similarities and Difference between American and Mexican Cultures Have you ever wondered what your cultural background is? Today not too many of us could answer that question without having to stop and think about our answer. I am going to talk about the similarities and difference that can be found between the American and Mexican cultures when it comes to our traditions, values and beliefs.
Traditions are the handing down of information from one generation to the next generation it could be on how certain ceremonies are performed, to how and when past generations planted crops and how they celebrated different holidays. Cultural values mean what is accepted and unaccepted, these values can be different from culture to culture. Beliefs are when people think something or someone is real or exist. Beliefs also can vary widely from one culture to the next.
Independence Day is one of the tradition that is celebrated by Americans each year on July 4th. Independence Day is the day that was set aside to celebrate our victory over Great Britain for our freedom and the birth of the United States as a nation. We celebrate Independence Day by having cook-outs with family and friends, watching fireworks go off as we listen to the national anthem play across
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In the essay Aria: Memoir of A Bilingual Childhood written by Richard Rodriguez (). He talks about his parents talked broken English when in public but when at home around their family they spoke Spanish. The Mexican culture does not consider time as an important value. They do not worry about meeting deadlines. Their outlook is that what is not done today will be there tomorrow. They feel that it is important to enjoy your life not rush through it. Mexican people do not support individualism, because of their strong family value system they believe in collectivism, which means that they prefer to work as a group to accomplish

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