Calvin Coolidge Influence

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“Up until the 1920’s, everyone thought the universe was essentially static and unchanging in time,” (Stephen Hawking). The Roaring 20’s, as it is most commonly referred to, was a time of social, political, and industrial prosperity. This new, fast paced “consumer society” of “Mass Culture” has many contributors that have influenced the mechanics of this era. The switch from the busy, difficult farm life in previous eras, to the creation of new inventions that would reduce human labor in the household, allowed for more leisure time amongst people. This new free time would eventually be spent going to the movies, partying and participating in illegal activity such as drugs and alcohol. Some of the most recognized historical figures during this…show more content…
He was born on July 4th, 1872, in Vermont. Before his inauguration in 1923, Coolidge also worked as a lawyer, Mayor, Governor, and Vice president of Warren G. Harding. After the sudden passing of President Harding in 1923, Coolidge became the new President of the United States. During his presidency, he followed a strict form of Laissez-Faire government, that he implemented into his 6 years in office. Calvin Coolidge was a republican and was in support of pro-business policies. Coolidge also established tax reductions, known as the Coolidge Prosperity. While in office, Coolidge was a solemn president who got straight to the point in all government affairs. His style of leadership helped to regain general public trust in the government. In correspondence to his belief in Laissez-Faire, he supported free enterprise and very little government involvement in the economy. Under his institution, high tariffs on imported goods were put in place to support american industries. Although he did this with good intention, he played a hand in the start of the great depression. He was given the nickname, “Silent Cal,” due to his stern and reserved demeanor.…show more content…
He was born in Michigan in 1893. In 1903 he became a partner in Ford. He started as Vice-president and overseer of production. Using sly business practices, he bought out all shareholders and eventually became president of the company. During his tenure at Ford, he introduced precedents that would eventually spread to all factories around the world. He set the standard for a respectable and smooth running company. He is credited with mass producing the first widely available and affordable automobile, the Ford Model T. It was a cheap and easy to produce alternative to older automobiles, that were almost exclusively owned by the rich and elite. This allowed for everyday men and women to have the luxury that only the wealthy had before this time in our nation’s history. He is most recognized for is his implementation of the assembly linee, and of the first to create such a time and cost efficient process for making and selling automobiles. The assembly line allowed Ford to produce cars much faster and at a lower cost. By the end of 1927, 15 million Model Ts had been produced. An additional precedent that he is known for reforming was worker’s wages. . At the time, most companies had only paid their workers 2 dollars for an 8 hour work day. Henry Ford paid workers more than double that, at 5 dollars for an 8 hour work day. His contribution to the work force and the standards that he aligned for the future in
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