Essay On The Differences Between The Great Gatsby Book And Movie

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The Great Gatsby is one of F. Scott Fitzgerald's most iconic books. This story shows life in the 1920s, at the peak of the economic boom. It’s about the main character, also the narrator, meeting and befriending his neighbor named Gatsby. He becomes one of Gatsby’s closest friends, meeting Daisy, Jordan, Tom, and others. The book became so popular it was turned into a movie. As in every book turned movie, there are similarities as well as differences. Between the book and the movie both are present. The first similarities appear with the characters and the parties. One of the similarities would be how Daisy is described. In the book she is described; “ ....High in a white palace the king’s daughter, the golden girl….” ( Fitzgerald pg. 127).…show more content…
The whole movie seems much more modern than what the book described. It seems much more flashy and advanced for the time period it represents. The parties are much more wild, than they seem in the book. For example, there are fireworks at the end of the second party in the movie. There are also some minor changes in the movie. For example, instead of having lunch in a well-fanned 42nd Street cellar, Gatsby and Nick go to a barber shop with a hidden speakeasy, ( These differences are shown throughout the movie, however there are more similarities.
To conclude, there are similarities and differences littered throughout The Great Gatsby novel and movie. Most lie within the characters and parties instead of in the setting. The similarities are shown in Nick, Gatsby, Tom, and Daisy mostly,and the differences are exhibited mostly in myrtle, Daisy, and Nick. The similarities in the setting are shown mostly in the Valley of Ashes and the T. J. Eckleburg billboard. On the other hand the differences in setting are shown in how modern the novel is represented in the movie. There are many similarities and differences shown between the novel and
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