Essay On The Differences Between The North And Confederate

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The controversial issue that led to the split between the Union and Confederacy was over the issue of slavery. This eventually led to the secession of the South and brought on the Civil War. The North’s main goal was to preserve the Union while the Confederacy was fighting for their right to have slaves, which would come with independence. However the North had significant advantages over the South yet the Confederacy had a stronger drive to want to win the war. Even though the North had a greater population and was more industrialized than the South, the Confederacy was defending their homeland as well as their rights and therefore this gave them a reason to fight. The Confederacy also had a fertile land, which allowed them grow crops; they …show more content…

This legislation was pointed toward the Confederacy since they believed it was their right to keep slaves. Enacting the Emancipation Proclamation would give the Union a major advantage economically, politically and in the military. Lincoln knew enacting the Emancipation Proclamation would lead to a Union victory however, Lincoln did not prepare for the integration of the South into the Union. Lincoln did not anticipate the social uprising that would later come in the South through the form of the Klu Klux Klan. These vigilante …show more content…

Also they got to exhaust the South eventually got them to surrender. Even though they got them to be part of the Union they couldn’t find a way to compromise which left Confederates discontent. This lead to the implementation of things like “black codes” which didn’t allow African Americans to enjoy there newly found freedom. In response the North was offended by this attempt by the South to undermine the 13th Amendment it also showed how the North was against many of Johnsons

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