Essay On The Double Standard Of To Kill A Mockingbird

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The n-word can be dated back to the 17th century. Its evolution began as a derogatory word, to now as a "friendly" term, some may say. This common word can be heard in everyday talk, in the media, or in hip-hop music. Although it’s a common word, many people feel uncomfortable with it or say it has a double standard. In the article we discussed in class, I picked up on a few points that stood out to me. One topic was about the double standard that blacks can say it, but white cannot. I believe that this double standard came to be because of the derogatory word used in earlier times. Many people now think that when a white says it, it is meant to be an insult. A second topic I saw was when to use it or whom with. I think it all depends on comfort level, and how you grew up hearing about the word. If one is brought up in an environment where the n-word is used frequently, whether from music or conversation, that person may be more comfortable in saying it. One who was not brought up like that may feel like they cannot say it.…show more content…
In the setting of To Kill A Mockingbird, whites use the n-word as an insult to the blacks because they feel superior to them. This word stands out and gives the reader a better affect than the other derogatory words used in the text, like the b-word, etc. I think this is because of the "double standard" of the n-word. At the time in To Kill A Mockingbird, the n-word was commonly used just like it is commonly seen today. However, the n-word today is used more "friendly" than derogatory. I believe that Lee included these words to emphasize the discrimination and injustices in To Kill A
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