Essay On The Effects Of 9/11 On America

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On September 11,2001 it was just an average day for many going to work or flying home to see family. Until… word got out that a plane crashed into the twin towers of the world trade center. It was caused by members of a terror group called Al- Qaeda. The attacks were not accidental they were intentional. Both towers collapsed killing 3,000 people. Another plane crashed into the pentagon, another crashed into a rural field in pennsylvania. The president at the time responded by declaring a “ War on terror”. After the 9/11 attacks the United States began to get paranoid about terrorist. We didn't want what happened in 9/11 to happen again. So the U.S. responded by securing border patrol, having more security at airports and public spaces.…show more content…
When 9/11 occurred, headlines in Paris wrote “ We are ALL Americans Now!”. This has showed that the negative attack has also brought good by bringing the world together. In other countries we have set an example by remaining calm and having patience. Also, while the United States bombed the terror groups we supplied the starving citizens of Afghanistan with food, water and medicine that was needed. We tried our best to win over the citizens, we wanted them to realize the generosity of the Americans and it’s allies. With the U.S being more cautious, we not only did good but we did what we should’ve done in the first place: securing border patrol. We made sure that our borders were secure and after the attacks we added new guidelines to the airport systems, that’s how TSA came about.Also, during our fight we didn’t stand alone, we had other countries standing besides us and fighting with us. In conclusion the U.S responded correctly to the 9/11 attacks.Without the U.S securing the border patrol and going to war with the one’s at fault for taking over 3,000 innocent lives and adding more security at airports and public spaces then another attack would’ve taken place. I feel that there is way much more work to be done, but this is a great
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