Essay On The Effects Of Lowering The Drinking Age On Young Adults

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Driving, drinking alcohol and even serving in the military are just a few things that young adults/kids can’t wait to be able to do. But, are you old enough? Eighteen year olds can serve in the military but when they come home they can’t have a beer. Should the drinking age be lowered? I believe so. However, others disagree with this because of the impacts it could have on young adult’s lives such as brain development and safety. Young adults everywhere ae confused along with anyone who has been paying attention to the laws affecting young adult’s epically. The laws can be confusing for law makers let alone young adults. According to the New York Times article,” How old is enough?” they say,” People mature at different rates…more problematically any given person’s abilities also mature at different rates.”(Page 3) Therefore a professor named Steinberg says, “It makes sense to dole out rights and responsibilities…show more content…
Accustomed to such inconsistent treatment. ……young people are bombarded with mixed signals about the scope of their rights and the depth of their responsibilities. And most of those mixed signals come from the laws of state and local government.” ( Page 1) These confusing laws make nothing easier and in fact they make young people’s lives more difficult. My opinion on the whole situation is that the drinking age should be lowered because of binge drinking. Since the drinking age has been twenty-one it has not stopped underage teens for drinking and has actually caused more problems. Binge drinking has especially been caught in college. With the mix of ages ranging anywhere from around 17-24 years old it’s easy for teens to fall under peer pressure. The opposing side to this argument says however that lowering the drinking age would be...”Pushing the drinking problem further down to 16-and 17-year olds.” However there is another problem with the law of the drinking age being
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