Essay On The Electoral College

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Creating the U.S. Constitution and the democratic values that are associated with, the
Founders had some oversight concerning democracy. The electoral college an undemocratic idea within a democratic society. The people vote and, depending on the state, the electors either vote on the outcome of the popular vote or vote what they think. That create a less democratic environment all together. By using the electoral college, the government becomes less of a direct democracy. Dahl states that the electoral college is “a body of presidential electors composed of men of exceptional wisdom and virtue who would choose the chief executive unswayed by popular opinion” (17), but the electoral college was established many years ago and in doing this,
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A lot of the time, people with lower incomes have to spend more time making a living. People have different amounts of money they are able to donate, so giving hours is a fairer practice. However, it doesn’t allow for a true democratic society where everyone is able to participate in society.
In contrast, democracy allows for people to create change if motivated to do so. This doesn’t mean everyone will. As the Port Huron Statement points out “each individual sees apathy in his fellows” and this “perpetuates the common reluctance to organize for change.” People having the ability to affect the government and its proceedings means it’s a true democracy; government “for the people by the people.” People don’t always take advantage of this, however those that do contribute to the democracy as a whole. Lobbying allows people to influence politicians, but it’s not the only way. Just writing letters can create change or at least make the politicians aware of the problems. Citizens don’t always take advantage of this, but the option to do so is always present and available if citizens would like to do so. Citizens can vote for certain policies, if they actually vote. We have the tools to be a true democracy, but we haven’t achieved that
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