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Elizabethan period is characterized as a very important and strict time as to the everyday life, religion, culture and other different stuff that developed during the period of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth as Monarchist of England and for the next fifteen years of her kingdom.
Many historians often describe it as “The Golden age” as it was represented by the apogee of the English Renaissance and the development of poetry, literature and music. The era is most famous for theatre, as William Shakespeare and many others composed plays that broke free of England's past style of theatre.
Italy via commedia dell’arte, gave in Europe the first professional actors in organized troupes, while through the work of Renaissance architects, paved the
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Actors had also had to be dancers, singers and many times instrument players in light of the fact that music was highly important in plays and zigs. Zigs were dances with sing able dialogues and they were adored by the Elizabethan viewers.
The “clowns” and the “insane people” who appears in many Elizabethan plays had the habit of improvising. For that reason it is very likely a part of the dark jokes in Shakespeare’s plays to be a result of improvising and then incorporated into his plays.
The idea of wealth and peace while Elizabeth was the queen, will slowly generate the crowd’s interest to know more about their past. Urban legends and fairy tales feed ignorance. And when the British race is awakening from their slumber of ignorance about their roots, theater starts rapidly flourishing and the literary works of Shakespeare take their honor. Although censorship, imprisonment and closing theaters are apparently not omitted in the theater. Shakespeare however, was protected by the lord Chamberlain thus seen to be the acting profession and the jesters started to bear the title of the “artist”. Of course theater couldn’t hide people’s thirst for violence. For that reason, so brutal ways of entertainment such as s(1558-1603) kylomachies continued to be dramatized together with theater

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