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According to, technology is a machinery and equipment developed by people. It is the advances of computer technology for practical purposes, especially in industry. It is the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation of tool and use it for society. We are using technology since 2.5 million years ago. Our ancestors discovered the stone stools which they used for hunting animals. This is made from the core of the flint and can be used by either cutting or scraping. Millenniums had passed, humans became skilled in forming stone stools and producing special tools for cutting, scraping, gouging and creating bow and arrow. Since that time the evolution of technology started, the fire, the wheels that if were not invented…show more content…
Our world now is surrounding by technologies, like cellphones, computers, and credit cards. Even now, in my conclusion I realized all of the things that we are using is technology. Every year the technology is evolving and it makes our lives less complicated, and maybe someday there will be a time that we will not need people to work, and robots will take their place. However, it can’t always provide us benefits to improve lives or to improve our system. In our living days everything that can help us have always some negative effects. Like technology, even though it makes our daily lives smooth or uncomplicated it has still some atrocious outcome in some various ways. Although technology can support us, there are some disadvantages and advantages in it. We don’t realize that technology is something that is affecting our emotions, our physically and mentally health.
We can avoid this circumstances if we control using too much technology. It makes us think further and further and can come up with some bad ideas. And we just need to be smart and think wisely. Do not be controlled by technology let be you control the

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