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The Final Solution May Have Lost The Nazis World War II Out of eleven million Jews living in Europe, six million were killed, including men, women, and children. Over the span of of less than ten years, one and a half million Jewish children experienced inhumane deaths. Throughout the 1930s and 1940s, German Nazis were finding more efficient ways for the mass murdering of whomever they pleased, the main victims being Jews. The Final Solution was the plan for the largest genocide in history and became Germany 's main goal during World War II. Even before the Final Solution, anti-Semitism was a common occurrence in Europe and only intensified when Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933. Before the Final Solution, anti-Semitism was a common…show more content…
Genocides are the mas murdering of any specific group of people and German Nazis succeeded in murdering six million jews in a short span of time before and during World War II. Not only were they able to murder six million jews they were able to dehumanize and put fear in many more through anti-semitic ways. A group of people that were living successful lives not fearing harm or believing anything to that extent could happen. For something of that magnitude to happen there had to be planning involved which is why the Wannsee Conference was held. The top Nazi officers met at this conference and discussed plans of what they should do in their future where they came up with the Final Solution. For the Nazis to kill six million there had to be a good effective plan that is organized correctly and followed accordingly. The Final Solution was actually a really good plan ,although it was wretched and a disgrace to the human mind. The Final Solution was actually a distraction to the Nazis during World War II making them use soldiers and equipment to control and kill a mass of people. If the Nazis never focused on the Final Solution and did not begin it until after World War II the Nazis could have won World War II and Hitler could have Succeeded in his plans to wipe out the Jewish
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