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In Literature, there is usually a character who appears briefly if at all, but whose scarce appearances play a predominant role in the piece. An example of such character would be the ghost of Hamlet Sr. in William Shakespeare 's Hamlet. Although the ghost of Hamlet Sr. appears only three times throughout the play, he significantly affects the action, theme, and the development of other characters. Hamlet does, in fact, believe that foul play was to blame for his father 's death and that it was orchestrated by his Uncle Claudius, Hamlet Sr’s successor. Even though Hamlet is convinced that his uncle is at fault he has no evidence to go on. This all changes when his father 's specter appears before him for the second time and confirms his suspicions. Aside from informing his son that his very own brother murdered him the spirit also urges his son to“revenge his foul and most unnatural murder”(1.5. line 29). Due to this encounter with the apparition of his father Hamlet’s course of action changes from just suspecting of his uncle to ultimately killing him. Hamlet Sr. 's phantom also affects the action later on in the…show more content…
Revenge is arguably the most prominent theme in Hamlet. The essence of the play practically revolves around it. The beginning of the play, however, contains the themes of sorrow and anger because of Hamlet Sr 's death and Hamlet’s mother’s rash wedding with his Uncle Claudius. The spirit of Hamlet Sr. first presents the theme of revenge during his second appearance. He presents the secondary themes of death and an afterlife as well when he tells his son the following “And for the day confined to fast in fires, / Till the foul crimes done in my days of nature / are burnt and purged away’’(1.5.15-17). In addition to presenting other themes, this remark by the phantom also affects Hamlet 's decision to assassinate his Uncle during prayer. As the evidence suggests the themes of a revenge, death, and an afterlife are introduced by the specter of the
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