Essay On The Great Debater

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“The Great Debater” directed by Denzel Washington, presents an aspiring film on educational and emotional beliefs. The story involving the Wisley College debate team included four intelligent students, and one amazing professor. Mr. Melvin Tolson portrayed a character of a strong educator, and a social activist. The students who made up the debate team are known as Samantha Booke, who is young, beautiful, and the first female to make the team that is aspiring to be a lawyer. Then there is James Farmer, who is the son of the first African American who earned his doctorate in texas, and Mr.Farmer Jr is in college at the young age of fourteen, Next is Henry Lowe, who provides a strong personality, but has the tendency to make bad decisions when he has been…show more content…
To communicate these situations to a group or the public can cause various reactions in different societies which was definitely expressed throughout the movie. Especially in the incident involving the racial discrimination, lynching, and more was expressed throughout the film and it also brought up different reactions based on where they were at. This impact can cause some negative and positive in different societal settings but the most important aspect of it all is that an individual is able to express how they feel not concerning the reaction they are receiving because they are expressing thoughts in which they believe in, The film “The Great Debater” directed by Denzel Washington was simply motivational and took the aspect of public speaking to another level with the intensity of the debate team and their professor. This film was able to connect and impact me by providing the build up until the delivery of the speech, and how much we are able to relate a course to a
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