Great Wall Of Ancient China Dbq Essay

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The Great Wall of Ancient China -Hailey Shipley More than 1 million people died while building the Great Wall of China! The Great Wall of ancient China was a huge wall that was build to keep out unwanted people (the Xiongnu). The Great Wall took many peoples lives because of the heights and suffering the people went through. The Wall took around 2,000 years to build. Did the benefits outweigh the costs? I believe that they did not because of documents F, E, B. There were to many people being tortured just for one wall and all of the not necessary deaths, not to mention but all of the peasants and farmers the people who last the food had to go build he wall so everyone even if you weren’t building the wall document E, F. There were many deaths involved in the Great Wall that were not worth it document F, E. There were a lot of deaths because of the Great Wall being built. The wall caused a lot of deaths that wee not needed, document E, F, B. There were over 1 million deaths involved and the Wall was built to protect not to kill. Just think most of the people died building the wall and there could be so many more people alive in that time then there was because if they didn’t build the wall a lot of people could have still been alive and well in that time of the …show more content…

The Great Wall came with many losses like all of the deaths but have you ever wondered what hey went brought? The people who built the wall went through many harsh conditions like a starvation, loneliness, boredom, the weather conditions, weakness, falling from the heights documents F, E, B. You never really starve or get lonely or bored now days because we have so much and we have a lo more freedom than what the people back then had, you cant talk with friends or text, no face time, no electronics. I still disagree with the wall being built because of he harsh conditions, the cost was greater than the benefits document F, B,

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