Essay On The Healer

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Have you ever been in a dream that became reality? In The Healer, by Antti Tuomainen, a man named Tapani is in search to find his journalist wife Johanna. Tapani in this book is the main character besides his wife friend’s Ahti and Hamid the American taxi driver that helped him drastically throughout his journey to finding his wife. Tapani is on the verge of finding his wife through all the clues that he has found throughout the past 48 hours. Johanna, Tapani’s wife has gotten herself into her past relationships and much more which has led in her disappearance. The setting of my book The Healer interferes with my character Tapani because he doesn’t have a clue on where his wife might be and knows nothing about who’s she’s been in contact with lately or that her ex fiance is the Healer. First and foremost, Tapani knew nothing about who Johanna had been in touch with lately. In this following quote…show more content…
On the subject of Tapani finding Johanna he had to find Vantinen, who was the second person besides Gromov who was now dead who knew where Johanna was. “Where is Johanna?” I asked and realized I was shivering. The rain, wind, and nearly freezing temperature had taken their toll. “ I don’t think I’m gonna tell you” said Vantinen. ” In this quote Tapani is standing in the rain speaking with Vantinen on where his wife is. This statement is proving that Vantinen knows where Johanna is and Tapani is so close to finding his wife. It also is proving that Vantinen has been the secretive Healer. “Johanna stumbled against me. I kissed her hair, held her head against my chest. She clung to my chest, my face, and finally my hands.” This quote is telling the reader that Tapani has finally found Johanna. All the same my three points all lead to Tapani finding his wife and finding out who was involved in this lose of Johanna, and who the healer really turned out to
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