The Similarities Between Heroes And Antiheroes In Beowulf

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Hero’s to truly define a hero and Antiheroes we must go back in time when heroes were first developed and why. Heroes in ancient times were gods that came down to help the people of the earth. Hercules, Odysseus, Jason these are Greek heroes descended from the gods. As history progresses the heroes start to get more and more corrupt, such as Beowulf who was selfish in his desires, then to the great leaders such as King Arthur defended the Britain’s from the Saxon’s attacks and helped build the great nation of Britain, then to great but flawed heroes like Macbeth who was a brave general who was told he will become king got greedy with power. Then finally at the bottom, we have the Anti Heroes. Antiheroes are not what most people think of them, but are Antagonist who try to stand up to the big a powerful usually defending the little guy but if the little guy gets in their way they will crush the little guy. The Antihero story starts like this at first, they conform to society but not fitting in…show more content…
He was living his life normally until the Danes had their large parties disturbing him, he tried to tell them to stop, they did not listen to him, so he took it upon himself to stop the parties to rise against the great power. Like an antihero not conforming to society. He could make them stop until a great hero Beowulf came. He told the king to have his party. Grendel came to stop the party. Beowulf and Grendel had a fight it was fine until Beowulf ripped off Grendel’s arm. He could flee, but soon like an antihero died fighting for his cause. This inspired his mother to fight for her son's cause but at last, she too was an antihero and lost and died with her son. Antiheroes and heroes both fight for a cause but the hero has the luck while the antihero fights with little or no luck. Beowulf was the hero for the Danes, and Grendel the Antihero for himself and his
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