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Understanding Death The concept of the Hero’s Journey is about telling a story. The Hero’s Journey was created by Joseph Campbell who was an anthropologist who studied myths and stories around the world. It is a cycle where a person goes from a state of certainty to a state of uncertainty. There is a twelve-step process where a person goes from an ordinary world into a state of confusion. Then they are able to overcome that state of confusion and darkness, and things go back to normal. This process can be days, months, or even years. It depends on whether or not the person is strong enough to overcome their situation. The professional I interviewed for the hero’s journey was Reverend Derrick Horton. His hero’s journey was the death…show more content…
Horton: “My major life change event was the passing of my daughter, Zaniyah Samone Horton, she passed away at eight days old at Duke Hospital, the day before Mother’s Day, that was the greatest tragedy, I have ever had to face and endure.” “Second to that, I would probably say the passing of my mother and my father. Just death that happens suddenly without clues or expectations.” Terence: “Can you elaborate on this a little more, on why this was such a hard time?” Rev. Horton: Once my wife went to the doctor, the doctor said the baby had something, they noticed that the ventricles of the heart did not fully connect. So that the baby would need surgery immediately when she was born, the first of three surgeries. At that time, I was opposed to it. Of course, my wife was in another position and said no, we will do everything possible to make sure she lives. My position was that no, it was in the hands of God; so, then it’s difficult on one hand because you had the illness that needs to be addressed and then you have the differences as to how it would be handled in the household so that was a challenge. Again, I say within 3 months I changed my position, so by the time our daughter was born, we were on the same page that we would do everything possible for our
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