Essay On The Hijab

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I am going to tell you about the hijab and what it means to me whenever I step a foot out of my house. The hijab is a single piece of scarf that is wear by most Muslim Women around the world because it is a requirement according to Islam and the words of the whole Quran. I believe me wearing the hijab says a lot about me because it is what makes me look different and unique in a special kind of way. Whenever I have the hijab on I do not only feel protected and saved from the dangers or cruelty of this world, but I also feel closer to Allah because my mind is at peace knowing that he is pleased with me for honoring and staying committed to his will. I stated wearing the hijab at the age of eight years old since then tile date I always put…show more content…
That is how important the hijab means to me. I know the wearing of the hijab comes with a lot of stigmatization and bashing from others because they belief that anything that is associated with Islam is a bad and since the hijab happens to be a representation of Muslimwomen people tend to feel uncomfortable towards it. I remember three years ago when I was working in McDonald’s at 42 street seven avenue a white lady walked towards the cashier I was standing at as a any fast food restaurant employee will do I smile at her with my hijab on and said good afternoon, how may I help you today? she looked at me in a very disgusting way for few seconds without saying a word she then responding by saying “can I have someone else to take my order please” at that moment felt like a piece of trash but later on I consulted myself and kept it
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