Essay On The Holocaust In Elie Wiesel's Night

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The Holocaust was a horrible time in the 1940s. Hitler the leader of the Nazi’s had an idea of just having the perfect people which was having blonde hair and blue eyes. Hitler's plan was to kill the people who didn’t have these appearances. Hitler would do this by creating concentration camps that would torture, kill people in many ways which for example burning, starving them to death. In the book Night a book Elie Wiesel a Holocaust survivor wrote, talks how Elie survived those terrible times. How the Nazi treated Jews, what it was like in the camps, what the Jews had to go through to be able to survive. Elie Wiesel and the other prisoners weren't treated like humans when they were being killed like cattle in the slaughterhouse, when they…show more content…
This shows that the Germans had no respect for the Jews. It also shows that they thought nothing of them. The Germans compared the Jews to being like dogs or animals.
The next example of dehumanization is when Elie and his father were in line waiting to be ordered where to go. An inmate says, “ ‘We can't let them kill us like that, like cattle in the slaughterhouse ‘ “(31). Being killed like cattle isn't human. Being thrown into the crematoria alive, being burned and turned into ashes isn't human. The Jews are being treated like animals, making them feel worthless.
It was May, after a hot shower when the prisoners experience dehumanization, when they were told to run, “Around midnight, we were told to run ‘Faster!’ Yelled our guards. “ ‘ The faster you run, the faster you'll go to sleep ‘ ”(41).This dehumanized them because the Germans made the Jews run in the cold night with no clothes on, even though it was cold the guards made the Jews work for the clothes they had wear and for the bunks they had to sleep
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From then on, I had no other name” (42).This shows the dehumanization of Elie because now he is referred to a number rather than himself. No one now will ever know him by name Eliezer but for a number for the next couple of years he spends in the concentration camps. Another example of dehumanization is when Elie and his father were transported to the camp Buna. All of the prisoners who arrived at Buna were having medical checkups. Kapos appeared and began choosing men they liked, “They pointed their fingers, the way one might choose cattle or merchandise” (49). This dehumanized the Jews they were being treated like animals. It made the Jews feel like animals, worthless, they were being discriminated.
During the couple of years when Elie and other prisoners were in concentration camps they were being dehumanized. Elie and the other prisoners were being treated like animals, being referred as numbers, they were being killed like animals. In the world today in many places there's so many dehumanization happening, people being treated like animals,being treated very
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