Essay On The Hunger Games Pros And Cons

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“The Hunger Games”Science Essay Jon Mangus Introduction Biotechnology is the new thing for medical research. It has the ability to change genetics and make people somewhat gods with control over people 's body. It has many ups and downs with the capabilities of it. As an example you can make it so cow 's milk is able to be drunk by babies. A bad example of it is being able to change a fetus so that a human child can have perfect everything. Pros of Biotechnology Biotechnology has many pros about it. It has the ability to remove diseases like mental disorders in human fetuses. It can help save the populations of animals such as cows , goats , and chickens. It can make healthier foods , from meats to plant foods like cucumbers and apples. It can also help make vaccines for viruses such as the flu. Cons of Biotechnology Biotechnology also has many cons about it. Terrorists can make deadly viruses that can kill many people. A very controversial con of biotechnology is that it can make children perfect , and excel in school above the other kids. It can also change the eye colour and hair colour of kids. Which would cause…show more content…
It 's mostly questioned among things like animals being tested with biotechnology , and humans being tested with biotechnology but not as much with plants. The problem is , that animals being tested with biotechnology can mess up the animal 's genetics and possible the entire species making the animals like cows and chickens just to benefit humans. They don 't think of the animals lives and how they 'll live with all this. Like people making chicken extra fat so they can feed more. In humans , they want to make people be born extremely smart and capable of everything. For example , if they want a sporty child they can make their child born naturally strong. The ones changed to be smart will be more excelled then other people in society and other kids which can mess up the economy and
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