Essay On The Impact Of 9/11 On America

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9/11 had a huge impact on not only America but the full world. I will discuss ways in which 9/11 has affected America as a whole, the people of America, society and other general facts about 9/11. Firstly I will discuss what happened on September, 11 2001. It was about 8:45am when the American airline crashed into the World Trade Centre North Tower, and only 18 minutes after the first plane had crashed into the North Tower, a second plane had flown into the South Tower of the Trade Centre. After these collisions, there was millions of burning debris all over the place, surrounding the buildings close by and also the streets below. There were four planes that had been hijacked that day, two of them of which were flown into the Twin Towers, one of the other planes crashed into the Pentagon just outside Washington D.C, and…show more content…
There were also a lot of physical effects regarding 9/11; as there was tons of oxygen that had been released into the air after the towers had collapsed, there were also tons of toxins released into the air. The air at ground zero did not return to normal until 2002. There were over 50,000 employees who worked in the trade centre and an extra 40,000 people who passed though the trade centre every day. It took up to 9 months of cleaning up to clear up all of the wreckage and debris, and 100 days for firefighters to extinguish all of the ignited fires caused by the attack. It then cost the American government up to 750 million U.S dollars to clear up the 1.8 million ton of wreckage. Also officials believe believed that the terrorists on a plane actually intended to destroy either the U.S capitol or The White
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