Essay On Globalization And Human Rights

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How has globalization impacted human rights worldwide? Please explain and include examples The era of globalization also sparked the recognition of Human rights, since globalization is the engagement and readiness of the growing trend and dependences or countries, people, states and companies interacting so much as to open avenues for buying, selling and sharing of ideas to each other from great distances with the aid of technological advancements , for a certainty the birth of the United Nation in 1945 was just meat. Due to atrocities that were committed during the Second World War the United Nations efforts were to relinquish hate crimes and genocide amongst its other determinations. This led the United Nations to establish an International…show more content…
Thanks to the International Criminal Court(ICC) and the African Charter on the Right and Welfare of the Child(ACRWC) have used the international human rights law to prohibit such atrocities, in addition to comitt heineous crimes against their families and are encouraged to use drugs before combat as young as 10 years…show more content…
Through Globalization human trafficking also emerge as a form of commodity and also have conflicting interest for the sovereignty of independent states that have long standing tradition for example according to “The LEVIN Institute Globalization 101 page 57” sons were needed to work and help sustain family economically, while daughters were often viewed as a burden” Because of the one child policy Chinese now have a difficulty finding a partner. According to “Tania Branigan 2011 November 2nd retrieved from “ concluded that due to the rejection of girl babies and acceptation to boys in terms of food and health have brought a surplus of men. Also cited because of the surplus of men to women the fear the increase of sexual violence and social instability is

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