Essay On The Impact Of Immigration On American Society

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America is land of immigration and gives opportunity to immigrant people. When we talk about immigration, we also worried about immigrant people who come from different place of the world. How does an immigrants impact the American society? There are nearly 40 to 50 million immigrant people that lives in United States of America. Immigrants have had several negative impacts on American society, and also have had several positive impacts on American society. First of all, Immigrants have had several negative impacts on American society. For one thing, the immigrants took jobs from people who born here. For example, one of my father’s friends have motel in Chicago. He had to fire his old staff who was used to do housekeeping work at that motel, but now he fired them and put his relative in place of them just come to US last mother. In addition, illegal immigrants willing to work more for such a low pay.…show more content…
For one thing, legal Immigrants creates jobs for other people. For example, one of my friends is doctor he just open his own hospital in San Francisco. He is haring nearly 100 to 150 people staff of his hospital including other doctors, nurses etc. This helps the American society with more jobs opportunity for all. In addition, legal Immigrants helps the economy by paying taxes regally. For examples, one of my nephew is pays nearly 10, 0000 dollar taxes every years. That way the government can help people who need money such as food stamps and all. Also, Immigrants people helps to develop science and technologies, and other fields. For example, the research by the Kauffman in the article Immigrants Are Crucial to the American Dream says that “25 percent of the U.S science and technology companies have their chief executives are foreign born and these immigrant are highly educated (Mike Ford 241).” For all this reasons immigrants help American society in positive way as
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