Essay On The Impact Of Social Networks On Communication

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By these 5 ways the Social Networking Sites impacted on Communication. It changed the way of communication.Now the communication is globalized and it is very easy. The people no longer need to be waiting to hang out with whole world. With no time consuming and with lower cost, the people can share their things with global audience. Social networking sites have facilitated communication. Members of suchsites can easily form groups (called the communities) and share their opinionsamong themselves through discussion threads, forums and polls. These sites serves good in many ways. The people can outsource globally. The workers can communicate via video conferencing and can conduct global conferences. The people can access global market as well…show more content…
• When you think of going a day without Facebook, it causes stress and anxiety to you. Social networking sites should be limited for making friends and fun in the leisure. But people should not substitute it with the real life social contacts. Otherwise, you will be facing social isolation, high level of anxiety and other behavioral disorders. 4. TAXONOMY The Social Networking sites can be categorized in few ways as well as the data we shared via them. 4.1 Types of Social Networks There are number of ways to categorize the available Social Networking Sites. While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn might be the first sites that come to mind when thinking of social networking, these popular websites do not represent the full scope of social networks that exist.[3] Table3. Categories of Social Networking Sites Type Definition Examples Social Connections Keeping in touch with friends and family members Facebook, Google+, Twitter, MySpace Media Sharing Social networking makes it easy to share video and photography content online. YouTube, Flickr, Picasa Professional Professional social networks are designed to provide opportunities for career-related growth. LinkedIn, Classroom
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